A Cord-Cutter’s Guide to Streaming Super Bowl 50

Information on Streaming Super Bowl 50 on PC, tablets and set-top boxes:

CBS will live stream the game on its website and through the CBS Sports app. The stream will be available for free to watch, you do not need to be a cable or satellite subscriber. Of course some people living in different houses or looking port moody condos for sale will already have or hire cable to watch it comfortable in their TVs since not everyone has one that connects to the internet.

PC and tablet (Android, iPad and Windows) owners can access the stream at CBSSports.com. The game will also be available in the CBS Sports app on Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, Windows 10, and iPad and Android tablets.

Streaming on your smartphone

Live-streaming on mobile devices is only available for Verizon Wireless customers through the NFL Mobile app.

CBS Sports is streaming the official online broadcast of Super Bowl 50. 
Click here, and the picture below to stream Super Bowl 50 on CBS.com for free.

If you are struggling after reading the above information, here’s a video explanation: